Nourish the Mind, Reawaken the Soul.

Providing Holistic Life Coaching, Intuitive Tarot Readings, and Shadow Work Oracle Readings to Transform your Life.

Intuitive Tarot

Wondering what your guides are thinking? These tarot readings are messages from your guides not mine. A non traditional way to read the tarot.

Shadow Work

Some of the most powerful ways to heal is to meet and integrate with the parts of us we hide from ourselves and others. I will help you find compassion and live for the darkest parts of you. This will liberate you from the bondage you hold yourself in and shine light on the ares of yourself that need the most love. The inner child within.

Empowerment Coach

As an intuitive Empowerment Life coach, I am aware that all the healing you are seeking are within. We all just need a little help locating the medicine. I am here to help guide you.

Reclaim your Power and Confidence with Liteon Intuitive.