Enough is Enough!

Scarcity mindset is not your fault, but once you have the awareness of your scarcity mindset it is up to you to change it.

When things are going well and all you can do is think of when the other shoe will drop. You are not being realistic you are literally manifesting that timeline to you.

Everyone loves the idea of manifesting abundance into their lives but until you understand the underline scarcity mindset you hold you will not fully be able to manifest your desires because the underlying feeling of scarcity will win over the abundance mindset unless you are actively aware of it and trying to change it.

This takes time but awareness plus action equals change. 

 When we are expecting the worse to happen we are constantly met with resistance because of how much we are trying to control the outcome.

With the energy of fear being out into every decision and thought we make this is attracting the outcome you were trying to avoid.

Learning to let go and trust as well as being present in the moment and appreciating what you have is one of the most powerful ways you can manifest the life you want because you already have it.

You are just to worried about wanting more but really it’s you being afraid of not having enough.

Find the root of the scarcity mind set and what drives it. Then the real healing and power will come.