Hi, I’m Amelia

I am an Intuitive Empowerment Coach. I specialize in mental and emotional health as well as spiritual and intuitive development. I add in Intuitive Tarot Readings to keep things spicy and fun for my clients.

As a recovery alcoholic I have been dealt a very specific card in life. I was born with a spiritual malady. Meaning I had a god size hole in me which I could find no relief from other then drinking and using drugs. Now that worked for a while and was a simple solution that got complicated quickly. It was not sustainable nor healthy for anyone who came near me and most importantly for myself. It was putting a band aid over a bullet wound. The band aid being substances and the bullet wound being my spiritual sickness. I was forced to make a decision. Continue to drink until I was dead or seek spiritual help.

I find myself blessed today to have had this spiritual malady because It forced me to develop a working relationship with a Higher Power of my understanding. It forced me to let go of control and trust in the universe as much as I was able to. It pushed me into finding acceptance of all things or have my serenity stolen. I was asked to inventory my life and write wrongs as well as forgive myself and others. It taught me how to clear away shame. It’s the most liberating way of life.

So I know what life looks like without the development of a Higher Power or spirituality. I also know what life looks like when I am not living in my truth or full Power. And I would be dead without it. Now not all people will die without a connection to a higher power of their understanding but in my opinion, it is not a life worth living.

Empower yourself Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually

My Why

I lived most of my life without a sense of peace or knowing who I really was. It is imperative for me to help people find their serenity and truth within themselves and to lean into their own Power Source. We forgot how powerful we are and its time for you to step into your strength and to remember the Goddess or God you really are. It is my life’s purpose to seek and speak my truth. I want to share this journey with others to develop and empower them to embrace their divinity in this world.

My Promise

I do not promise much in this world, but what i can promise to my clients is to hold a space for there where they can fully show up as who they are without judgment or lecture. I promise to always encourage you to hold the reigns of the session. Your healing is a very personal space and I will never push you further then you higher self will allow. I will also promise you by working with me you will step into a greater awareness of who you are and what you are capable of as well as developing a stronger understanding and connection to your spiritual path. I promise to always hold compassion and empathy at the highest level for you. I can also promise to take you out of your comfort level if it is in service of you and your greatness.