It Only Takes One Choice to Change Your Life.

The most important choice you can make is every single choice in your life. Learning from the choice and its outcome is equally important to your self/spiritual development.

Time is an illusion. It is not real in the sense that has been taught. Every timeline has happened already. All outcomes are possible to happen in your life depending on the choice you make every moment of your life. Free will is the gift and the curse of this dimension. It allows us to be able to choose who we are and what we do. It also allows us to muck up our lives or be manipulated by other people’s will. It is a delicate dance you see. When we are not aware of how much we actually can control the outcome of our lives we a destine to live in a world where someone else is calling the shots.

Think about it. We are told from birth the first words to say. The close we have to wear. The food we are suppose to eat. The school we have to go to. The friends we are to make. The principles to follow. The God to believe in. The list goes on.

Now don’t get me wrong. A lot of the things we are taught told are for a good reason. Or at least for some coming from solid moral ground. But what about the people who didn’t have much moral ground to stand on?

If you know my work then you know I am a firm believer that the lack mentality of humanity is an epidemic and it is not your fault. It is deep-rooted programming that started while you were conceived. It has been passed down from mother and father to baby. Then baby has been exposed to the indoctrination of the people they grow up around. The television they watch. The music they listen to. The social media they follow. ALL of these are controlling your choices. Fear and shame are attached to anyone who follows their own calling. Yes, some see it as noble one the “success” follows. But if any of you reading this have ever really followed your dreams and going against the grain then you understand the underlining patronizing vibes that come with the statement, “As long as it makes you happy”.

Yes, you have been fooled. But it’s okay so have I. Until I woke up one day and decided to do what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to step into the person I knew I was, the person other people laughed at when I talked about it.

The Journey of one choice.

I left my counseling career everyone said I would be great at. I got another serving job and enrolled in an intuitive life coaching academy. EVERYTHING CHANGED. My life started to fall into place effortlessly. Now yes life still happens and the struggle can be real but I was actually living in a peace of alignment where no matter what happened I found acceptance and peace at some point because I was living freely as who I was asked to be. I finally stepped into my truth on a soul level. I came out of the spiritual closet and shared my gifts with others without fear of people’s opinions of me. This was freedom. This is what everyone can have.

This one choice I made changed the course of my life, and when I think back further I can see how many choices I have made have led me exactly to where I am now. I understand this is common knowledge but how many of you have actually sat down and thought about it. The SMALLEST of choices have either saved your life or destroyed it in a blink of an eye. That is powerful. Imagine How powerful it would be the be completely aware of every choice you are making is paving the way to the life you will live tomorrow.

SO again. Every outcome in time has either happened or will happen it just depends on YOU and how willing you are to start to listen to what you want and follow it unapologetically if you wish to experience it now.