The Ego vs Your Truth

Do you ever wonder why it feels like no matter how hard you are trying to create a better life for yourself something comes along and sabotages it?

I hate to be the barrier of bad news but it’s you. Well, when I say you I mean your ego. Now I think ego can be misunderstood as being cocky and yes it can. But when you hear me talk about ego I am talking about the thinker mind. He part of you that believes you are your thoughts and you are defined by them.

Our egos have one mission. To exist. But it can’t exist unless we give it power. Our ego can also be one of our greatest survival mechanisms. But what kind of life would it be to just live in survival mode?

My hope is for you to learn how to engage with your ego but not let it take over. And by engaging with your ego I mean to be the watcher of it.

When we start living in the space of our higher selves we blast away the survival way of life and step into a life that is thriving.

Think of a traumatic event. When someone becomes the victims of a traumatic experience they preserver into a survivor of that’s a traumatic event. That is your ego stepping in to save you. Bravo ego thank you. But let’s take that a step further. What if we turned from survivor to thrive. This is what happens when we step into our higher selves rather than living in ego.

Our higher selves are the representation of who we truly are at a soul level. The complete consciousness of you. This is where the abundance of all aspects of your life lives. This is where acceptance of all parts of you THRIVES.

The ego does a great job at casting out the parts of you that feel unworthy. It’s like the bully on the playground who is pushing the scrawny kid with braces off the swing set because they feel the smaller, different looking kid is less than.

Yep I said it. Your ego is a BIG bully.

Well, what happens to the kid with the braces? He starts to question himself and his worth. He starts to wonder why the bully chose him to pick on. He wonders if anyone will ever love him for who he is. He starts to lash out at his parents for confronting him about the scraps he got from being pushed around on the playground. He locks himself in his room, hides under the covers, and hopes nobody will ever see him again. But deep down all he wants is to be seen loved and accepted for who he really is.

This little boy is your shadow. The parts of you your ego cast out into the deep subconscious world. The parts of you that your ego only allows out to wreak havoc on your life. When we see the patterns of these behaviors and feelings coming out means danger of all things we love we start to side with our ego and believe these shadows are best to stay hidden.

Lets play a game. What happens when I tell you not to think of the color yellow……


This is the same thing that happens when we try to keep our shadows hidden. They can’t help but act out like the bullied little boy who is just starving for love and attention.

The more you ignore your shadow the bigger it gets and the more it will work with your ego to SABOTAGE YOUR LIFE.

This means no matter how hard you work for where you want to go you will be unfulfilled in some way. This is because your ego is working overtime to keep you needing it. The more we step into our higher selves (and by that I mean accepting and integrating into all aspects of ourselves) the more we step out of living as a survivor and more into the thrivor of our lives.

I say all of this to show the importance of shadow work. How pertinent it is to meet the sides of ourselves we have been blocking from the sunlight of the spirit. To integrate these parts of ourselves as holy. WHOLE to who we are. Greet them with love and compassion as they come up in our lives. It is paramount to exist with our shadow instead of casting it aside. When is the last time the rotting food in your fridge just disappeared? It doesn’t. We recognize it for what it is and clean the fridge out to create new space for the food we want to eat. Expect with our shadow we don’t throw it away we absorb it into the light of our beings and love it unconditionally. It is only the ego that tells you these parts of you are “bad”.

Stop letting your ego win. It’s not really you. It’s the illusion of who sense of self. It has no power unless we feed into the game it likes to play called ” FEAST ON MY HOST”.

I end this with a few questions. Do you truly feel you are worthy enough to live the abundant life you are seeking? And if you don’t is that you or your ego talking?